MTV Shuga Naija: Episode 9

May 11, 2018 0

This is episode 9 of the MTV Shuga Naija series and it started out with Corper Yasmin getting some heat. Just because of the advice she […]

MTV Shuga Naija: Episode 8

May 10, 2018 0

In this episode of MTV Shuga Naija, Faa got raped by Bada because she refused to have sex with him.  It’s really sickening that some […]

MTV Shuga Naija: Episode 7

April 30, 2018 0

It’s episode 7 of MTV Shuga Naija. The day for the debate finally came through, Hadiza almost had a heart attack when she saw her […]

MTV Shuga Naija: Episode 6

April 29, 2018 0

It’s another episode of MTV Shuga Naija. Hadiza is preparing for a debate. She is anxious as every normal person would be but Corper Yashmin […]

MTV Shuga Naija – Episode 5

April 28, 2018 0

In this episode of the MTV Shuga Naija series, Ebisinde and his friends went shopping for new clothes with the money they got from their […]

MTV Shuga Naija: Episode 4

April 27, 2018 0

It’s another episode of MTV Shuga Naija. Faa’s music career started when her singing ability got discovered by Tobi’s studio hand. He played the song […]

MTV Shuga Naija: Episode 3

April 23, 2018 0

This MTV Shuga Naija episode started with Diana and her boyfriend Chike getting down in his car. Chike is way older and has a child […]

MTV Shuga Naija: Episode 2

April 22, 2018 0

This is the second episode of the new MTV Shuga Naija which is an extension of the MTV Shuga series. The show’s aim is still […]

MTV Shuga Naija: Episode 1

April 11, 2018 0

MTV Shuga is a program that has been on our television screens for a long time, the show is dedicated to bringing to light the […]